GRDS 701 Unit 2, Blog Entry 1: Leadership

Some of the best insight and writing that I have received have come from my design friends. One was my roommate Ariana from college who majored in graphic design and English. She has a blog where she shares her experience, advice and a few humorous occurrences with clients. Her latest series is called “Get Up, Get Out, and Get Hired”. The topic in the series I read this week deals with egos. I had seen this egos issue while in school and on shows such as The Pitch. Initially I  though the real world would tone done the egos of my studio mates – even the ones who are really good.  But seeing this on the The Pitch and even Mad Men made me question my decision to enter the field. I am pretty passive, especially about my work. Over the years I feel my work has improved and have even had offers for freelance work and jobs, but I don’t let it go to my head. This is particularly important as I work with design students. I would not want to give them a negative impression of the industry before they even step into it. One great point Ariana made in her post was the difference between a very talented cocky designer and a designer who is adaptable. The adaptable designer may not be on the same level talent wise but they can adjust they style to trends and technology and most of all they listen. At some point in a designers career they will have to work with someone – be it a member of a creative team or a client. We have to be able to adjust and listen to make sure the best solution is made. Enjoying our work is one of benefits of designing – its a great feeling, but we must understand the lines between confident and cocky.


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