GRDS 702: Unit 2, Blog Entry 1- Exploration A

Last week was a little intense in and out of the classroom so a fell behind a little. Glad to say I am caught up and really enjoyed parts 1 and 2. Looking forward to part 3 especially since we get to interact with our classmates. I have used similar approaches from Exploration A in past projects as far as word association but I never made an actual list. I would come up with a few words and try to associate images with them since I was working toward a visual project. I like that we get the details of each part week by week – I helps me keep my reactions and thoughts more rapid instead of letting it sit in my mind too long becoming overworked. The playground exercise was interesting because we had a time limit. After completing them I wish I had used more of the available time instead of treating it like a timed quiz. After not being able to think quickly about the next word I just moved one. If I had given myself a little more time I would have come up with more words. After sending the lists to my partner I went back on a separate list a added more words in a different color.


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