GRDS 701: Unit 3, Blog Entry 1- Project A

Since the quarter began, I have thought about what I would like to focus on for my Lit Review. When I first started the graduate program, my knowledge outside of the day to day practice of design was limited to the aesthetic and communication value of graphic design – although I knew there was more to design than that. Last Fall I completed a research paper on the value of design education, focusing on the advantages, struggles, outcomes and even experience of different people in the field. It really challenged my beliefs in the system, but ay this point I still believe in the value of my undergrad and grad education thus far. That is why I have chosen to continue reviewing this area for my review. I want to zoom in on the ways the design community (educators, students and practicing designers) can help change design eduction to integrate more real world projects, particularly on the undergrad level. Project A is providing a foundation in research and development to analyze the ideas and approaches those in the design community have taken to evaluate the current issue in design education.

I have enjoyed reading the different articles, but the concept map has me a little stuck – organizing ideas and associations between concepts with words is not an area I am good at apparently. I think I am just getting overwhelmed trying to balance the various components of the project with other things like work. This would be a great area to include in what to teach design students.


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