GRDS 701: Unit 6, Entry 2 – Flow

The description for “Flow” as described by Steven Johnson makes design sound like a dream. I had not heard of the term used in this way prior to this course, but maybe that is good thing. I did not know something like this could exist. I can say I have experienced a few of the building blocks Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi described but never in the same project and rarely more that 1 or 2 at a time. This is not really a problem for me. If thing flowed too well I am afraid my idea is not as developed – like it has been done before. I do recognize the benefits of flow and I believe I could do more in my process to increase flow. In our course readings it talkes about building our arsenal of creative resources. When i start a project I tend to drift into other projects as I research the current project. From this I do pull new resources but I also get off track. I can also research more in the sense of reading articles and blogs on creative thinking and idea development. The text we read in class has helped me think beyond the visual and more about how the design will impact the audience. Merely looking at other designs is not enough if I really want to understand the issue on the table. of the readings we use in class I have enjoyed Tim Brown’s Change By Design the most. Like ne says in the book multiply options create choices. Having choices in not only the look but the approach will keep ideas fresh and hopefully create more “flow” in my process


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