GRDS 702: UNIT 6, ENTRY 1- Disruptive Wonder

Deep down, I think all designers embrace the idea of disruptive wonder or using the old to create something new. It can be a refreshing exercise for use instead of relying on the idea that new is better. While I had not heard of the term “disruptive order” I have attempted to use materials around me to create new experience for myself as well as an audience. This has come in the form of self initiated projects. A few years ago I experimented with images of the Statue of Liberty for a screen printing project. I wanted to take the symbolism of the image – freedom, strength and power- and manipulate it to change the perception and even reinvent the image itself. After this project I started taking other familiar images and symbols and repurposing them. Sometime is involved contradicting mediums like “digital watercolor” in which I attempted “painting” using Photoshop and a digital tablet. Other instances included repurposing the letters in the Krispy Kreme logo to spell out my hometown’s name. These examples do not create the social and more interactive approach Anderson used, but it is a start. I am attempting to use what is around be and looking at things in new was in the hopes of taking it to the next level where I am involving an audience.



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