GRDS 701: Unit 7, Blog 1: How Do You Design?

“How Do You Design” provides some great models on the design process and really made me step back and analyze my process. After going through some of them I came across the following model.

Screen Shot 2013-05-08 at 10.01.43 PM

What I found intriguing is the process starts with briefing. As I am beginning to freelance more and interact more with my clients directly than I do as an in-house designer. According to the developers of the model:

“clients often seem to find it easier to communicate their wishes by reacting to and criticizing a proposed design, than by trying to draw up an abstract comprehensive performance specifi cation.”

I think in my process I could include the clients more in the development and sketch process. I think in time this would not only help me work with the clients, but I could think more about and anticipate the needs of my audience. I think including a briefing would also help the client or group better understand and think about what they are looking for. In the past I have encountered people who don’t know what they want until it is in front of them and on occasion what is put in front of them is not what they need. Going over a brief could help them identify the problem.


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