GRDS 701: Unit 7, Blog 2: Breakthrough

It is a little late in the quarter, but I have had a few breakthroughs over the past few weeks. When I first started this quarter I really did not have a process when it came to the assignments nor was I really aware of topics related to design outside the day to day tasks of a designer. While I researching and working on the Literature review and the outline of my argumentative paper I have come across so many topics and issues in the field. Having this understanding not only helps me approach design in a new way, it helps me think about the solutions I am developing in a more well rounded approach. I have also become more open to outside suggestion for my work and the ideas on collaboration. This has been due to a combination of projects and articles read for my lit review. Collaboration is a great way to get ideas but it also helps with coordination, flexibility and communication. As the way we practice design shifts to a more global outlook having these skills is crucial to successfully approaching multi-layered and global design challenges. I am still adjusting to these ideas but I like the direction it is taking me. Things are becoming much more clear as a move forward and I actually look forward to the discussion post and feedback as I know something I may have missed that could improve my work will be revealed to me.


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