GRDS 702: Unit 7, Blog 1: Values

In this unit I reflected on how my values impact my design process and ideas. In the past I have turned to my values as a reference point and a source of creative fuel when I am stuck. If I could not connect with a certain project, I would look to my values to see how it relates to the project topic. I understand applying personal values is not realistic for all projects – after all being flexible is one aspect of a good designer. The value may be so embedded that only the designer sees it and hopes that someone else will, but as long as a message is received I think it will be successful. One thing I must be careful of when using my personal values in a project is to not let my value drown out the message. Doing this excludes the audience and I become the target audience. That is not my intention. In everything I do I want to bring people into the message not isolate them. Even when I do personal projects that rely on my values as a source of inspiration I work to keep the imagery and language inclusive. If may not be familiar to every single person that sees it, but hopefully they at least stop to look at it and take it in before feeling the message is not for them. I think this approach could create a lot of opportunity for cross cultural and value learning.


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