GRDS 701: UNIT 8, BLOG 2 – Collaboration in a “Top Dog” World

Over the past 2 weeks I have been collected resources for my argumentative paper. My topic is expanding on the area of collaboration and it’s role in teaching the creative process. The majority of sources I found speak highly of this approach and want to see more of it implemented in the design curriculum. But onearticle does not see collaboration or teamwork as the best approach. The title alone – Top Dog: Unselfish Teamwork is Overrated – made we want to disagree. As I read it I started to understand what is was trying to say. The over emphasis placed on teamwork and working well with others is causing the top candidates to overlook job opportunities. Many professionals want a job were they know they will have a chance to shine and standout amongst their colleagues. This is not being selfish, it is actually quite understandable. How would anyone expect to advance in their career if it is always about the group. While developing well rounded solutions is very important, people still want to know the work they are putting in will take them further. The article does have a more corporate idea and not so much in the perspective of a creative mind. This is not to say designers and other creatives don’t want to advance their careers.

I do agree that more competitive professionals set on primarily seeking to advance their careers are less likely to pursue a job that emphasizes teamwork. I do not believe it is impossible for an individual to shine or emerge as a leader – it is even possible for several to emerge as leaders. When you add up the various experiences from your collaboration and teamwork projects I believe that highlights character and skills and can take you just as far as the “top-dog” mentality.


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