GRDS 702: Unit 8, Blog 1: Creative Process

I can’t say before this unit I was consciously working toward creating a moment of performance or noble pursuit. Over the course of the past weeks I have analyzed and review my create process several times and each time I make changes. The process I have used in the past have gotten the job done in that i was able to deliver a solution suitable for the needs of the individual or group I was working for. Taking a deeper look at my process I was able to see areas I could improve upon, but I feel I am getting to a point where I need to solidify and test my current process before making more adjustments. I am willing to be flexible as I work with different groups, but overall think I have a solid process and have learned a great deal from it.

In past units we discussed the idea of disruptive wonder or providing new ways to communicate. Kelli Anderson does this using materials around her and presenting them in new ways. In Project B I am attempting to do the same by using common items found in homemade survival kits to communicate tips and advice to students preparing for the professional world. Instead of spending time trying to think of a completely new approach and wonder if the audience will be able to understand and receive it – I can apply a new use to something familiar. Doing this offers a new view and hopefully a disruptive wonder for my audience.


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