Living for the City


Waiting at the train station | Day and Night view from my room

I made it through my first week in NYC! To be honest if feels longer than a week has passed. I didn’t take “the City that never sleeps” thing serious until I tried sleeping with the constant buzzing of the cars and people piercing through my window. Other than the noise – and lack of sweet tea – I really like it here. The first day was pretty overwhelming between the adjusting and just getting from the train station to my building. I could see the building marquee from the train station exit, but my bags were so heavy I was temped to take a cab a few hundred feet. Thankfully someone helped me get them to the lobby. I spent the rest of the day getting familiar with the area and navigating the subway.

There is always something going on, meaning I should never get board during my 10 weeks. This week alone there was the Stanley Cup (I’m staying across the street from Madison Square Garden), the Tony Awards, Puerto Rican Day Parade and the NY Red Bulls game.  A few of the other residents in my building went to check out the Red Bull events at South Street Seaport.

Hudson River view

Hudson River view

South Street Seaport

South Street Seaport

On top of all the social events and exploring, I had a great first week at my internship with Spike TV. I will be their Off-air design and production intern for the summer. The creative team is great – very accommodating to my questions and just a nice group of people. After completing orientation at the Viacom HQ in Time Square, I headed over the their office a few blocks from the Hudson River.


My desk

My desk

They put me to work right away on formatting an email blast promoting the Bellator Summer Series and a little brand research. One of the highlights of the week was the VH1 Wardrobe sale. The buyer for the network is left with loads of clothing at the end of the season. Some items have been worn by cast and guests and others still have the tags. The creative director invited me to go check out a the sale along with one of the other designers. They help me pick out some really nice tops. I got a few items that would have run me a few hundred dollars for $18! Getting anything here for less than $20 is amazing in it self so I was pretty excited. Ok back to the professional stuff. Next week I will be working on artwork for the new season of Ink Master. From the look of the concepts and photo shoot, it looks like it will be a pretty awesome project.


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