Portfolio updates

I stared out as one of those designers who said “I will update my portfolio as soon as the project is done.” Lies.  Sometimes it feels impossible with school, work and that thing called sleep that is required every day. So I don’t get too behind, I started using mockups and templates when I do find the time to make updates. If you are looking for some for your collection definitely check out Pixeden and GraphicBurger. They save time and really gives your work a polished look.

Any who, back to my updates. I posted a few new projects from my grad program and freelance projects from this quarter. My grad project was one of my favorites so far and a real creative and technical challenge. I redesigned the ACC app to be more iOS 7 friendly as well as more updated. The day I turned this in they actually released their new logo. Maybe this is a sign up more visual changes across their identity.

Interactive prototype: http://invis.io/DYWS0A2G

I also posted a brewing identity project and a few logos. You can see them and other projects on my Behance page.


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