Welcome to Brooklyn!

The housing I chose for the summer (EHS) offers free activities for residents. This is a great perk when you are from out of town as it gives interns a change to get out and see the city. This week a group of us took a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge (I’m such a tourist) and checked out the Brooklyn Bridge Park. The bridge itself is great, from the views to the sounds of the water. But it was very crowed. It is a really popular stop for visitors from all over the world, and like many who visit, pictures are taken…so many pictures. I even gave in for a few selfies, which is not really my thing but I could not resist.

Despite all the abrupt stops for pictures, bikes flying by as if the bridge was the Tour de France, and the crowds, nothing could have spoiled the amazing weather! It was a great day for a walk and of course ice cream! After crossing the bridge we stopped for at Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory in the Dumbo neighborhood. I knew it was going to be good because the line was out the door, which apparently is a common thing here. There was a line for pizza at Grimaldi’s as well. I definitely plan to go back and explore the area more. So many sites, so little time. Check out a few of the images below!

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Header: brooklynmakers.com


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