Week 3 Recap: “More”

The word for the week is “MORE”. More can be positive or negative, fulfilling or draining. In the context of design and creativity it can be a complex request. As I work on comps, the main feedback I hear is more. They don’t mean ideas or directions, but pushing the design further.

At first it can be frustrating – I have a short attention span when it comes to projects, especially if I am just working on one thing. I tend to work on multiple projects throughout the day to keep the creativity from becoming static. As I work on other things I develop ideas for the main project. Focusing on one project and continuously hearing “more” made me worry about what I was missing – more, text, more color, more stuff? I learned it was actually about pushing the elements there more. Levels, vibrance, balance, brightness, contrast is the more they were looking for. Looking at the first comp and current I can see a significance in pushing the design and I know there is “more” to come.

Despite the creative challenges, there were some pretty awesome work perks this week. Viacom hosted an intern networking kickoff featuring a live performance by MKTO – never heard of them but everyone else had so I guess I’m just old.

Back at the office there was this amazing taco bar for the creative team update meeting. The creative directors like to take the interns so we get a chance to observe some of the insight to running the network and how it sets goals. It is also a chance for the interns to be introduced to a room full of people who’s monthly income could pay off our student loans:-) They all seem like great people to work for and really believe in the ideas and directions presented by the creative departments. They shared a few promos that had been released in collaboration with a few show sponsors as well as some areas they want to improve upon. The major topic was the launch of Spike’s new show Frankenfoods.

Speaking of Frankenfood, I had the chance to try some of the crazy food combinations during a tasting for Spike. To promote the show, the marketing team placed food trucks in different cities that allow people to try foods for a tweet or any social media post. Tweet or Instagram your food or the show, get a free sample. Being a food adventurer, this was an awesome deal for me! I tried the Guinness chocolate coated pork belly s’more , fried Slim-Jim Mac-N-Cheese balls, and the bacon wrapped hot dog éclair. The salty combination of the hot dog and sweet éclair bun was a delightful surprise to the palate.

I also continued some brand research and worked on a backdrop display for Impact Wrestling. It was a “simple” request but like many of the projects I have worked on at Spike it requires matching an existing on-air identity. Not having a source file actually turns the project into another learning opportunity. All those Photoshop tutorials and sessions at HOW Live paid off! Ready to kick off week 4.


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