Empire State | High Line

While I do my best not to be a tourist, I can’t help but get excited to visit some of the places here in the city. It’s not like I stop in the middle of the side walk (or street) to take a selfie.  I’m staying in what I call a tourist hub. Time Square, Madison Square Garden, The Empire State Building and a bunch of other spots are just a few steps away from my building. This week some of the residents and I visited the High Line in the Meatpacking District. The former railroad was converted to a walkway and elevated park with plenty of benches to sit and watch the city on one side or the sunset over the East River on the other. We did a little of both after our walk. We then explored the surrounding area and Chelsea Market which has nice shops and restaurants. It was a nice way to wind down after work and a great evening for a walk.

Next we checked out the Empire State Building 86th floor observatory. On the way up we were stopped repeatedly by third party ticket reps saying we would have to stand in line for hours if we did not upgrade our tickets – lies.  What they want is to sell you more expensive passes that will get you more stuff, not up any faster.  If you come up for a visit just avoid anyone in a red, green or yellow vest. Actually it is best to avoid vest wearing, brochure toting people on any corner or sidewalk as you will end up being asked to sign up or pay for something. Once we reached the top, the views were great. It was a nice clear day and not too crowded. I was surprised at the amount of people holding their phones and cameras over the edge. Since heights aren’t really my thing, I just snapped my pics from a safe distance and utilized the zoom like a normal person. There were a lot of small children running around. I mentioned the gate around the edge, well a few kids thought it was a good idea to stick their heads through for a better look. Where is your mama?!

Overall another great weekend but still so much more to explore. Ended the day checking out all the food stands at Broadway Bites in Greeley Square Park. As a sucker for sweets I had to try the cannoli from Stuffed Artisan Cannoli. I will be checking them out again next week.


One response to “Empire State | High Line

  1. I’m glad you’re having some fun as well as taking advantage of this great learning opportunity.

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