Getting in the Game

Mexico Head Coach Miguel Herrera and I had a pretty amazing week.  While Mexico was advancing to the next round of the World Cup (that is until they were eliminated by the Netherlands), I had my own reasons to burst out in epic celebrations.  I had some of the best brick oven pizza in NY with sports design heavy hitter Todd Radom!

For my family and friends outside the design world, try to imagine meeting an individual in your field that you really admire.  Then imagine having the chance to sit down with them for an incredible meal. Well folks, that’s what happened to me!  From Super Bowl logos to Identities for the NBA, NFL and MLB, he has designed it all.

Not only is he an incredible designer, his blog and Twitter are great sources for sports history.  He was gracious enough to take the time to meet with me, review some of my work and share some great stories on life in NY and of course sports design. How did this happen? It all started at Creative South (If you are a creative of any kind you need to check this out). During the “Heavy Hitters of Sports Design” panel featuring Todd Radom, Fraser Davidson, Joe Bosack, T.J. Harley, and Skye Dillon there was a sports trivia contest. Long story short – I won.

The gentlemen on the panel all signed a Warstick bat as the prize. The real prize was meeting them all and sharing some of my work.

Sports design can be a pretty challenging niche to get in to but they gave me some great tips. I have followed sports on and off but have always had an interest in the “athletic aesthetic”. Sneakers, sports logos, uniform kits and colorways are all rooted in a unique design process. Before working my way into this area, I want to understand the history and culture rooted in sports and the target audience. Fans are very attached to the traditions of their teams and the branding and identity is a major part of that. Just look at all the “buzz” associated with the Hornet’s return to Charlotte.  As a designer, in order to effectively communicate, you need to understand your audience. And that has been my goal as I work on my MFA thesis project.

Mr. Radom shared so much with me about his creative process and feedback on a few of my projects. Since my thesis topic focuses on the visual history and cultural impact of sports design, this meeting was a very unique learning opportunity that I could not have found in a library. I am actually excited about writing my thesis! Is that even possible? I am becoming more confident in my new area of focus and working to build a strong process around it. Excited to continue to grow and learn and applying this new knowledge to my current and future projects!





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