Week 5: Half Way There!

I made it past the mid-point. Transitioning from South to the North has been a big adjustment.  In my case I feared all the things I would have to give up during my time in New York. My house, car, office, family, friends  and all the things that would not fit in my duffle bag. And let’s not forget sweet tea, Bojangles and Cook Out (first stops when I get home). As I prepared for my summer leave from the South, I constantly thought about losing and adjusting instead of focusing on growth and development. I am doing this internship later than many of the other interns and have a relatively established life back home, with family, friends and a good job. When people ask why, I say because I have the resources to do it and I need to grow.

Being away from family and close friends has helped me focus on what I want to do and if I was in a good place to do it. For so long I have made lists about goals and dreams, yet when the opportunities came I made excuses as to why I couldn’t move forward. I promised myself that I would break this habit. While it is a struggle adjusting and leaving home, I have gained so much as a person and professional. It is funny how having less makes you do more. For example, I am a home body. I can be very social with people I am close to. I can be a comedian at home with family and friends, but you won’t see me on a stage cracking jokes. Honestly, if I had the choice between binge watching House of Cards with some ribs or going out, I would say bring on the Netflix and indigestion!

Frank knows what I’m talking about

As I get older I understand it is important to keep in contact with people.  Back home I look forward to coming home to my home and driving my car when I need to run out. What I have learned staying in Manhattan is living small and with less makes you do more – you can’t stay cooped up inside all the time. There’s but so much I can do in my small room in Midtown but there is so much to do on the outside.  In NYC it is almost a crime to stay in on the weekend, especially on a beautiful summer day. The city has so much to offer – food, sports, shows, arts, and the people watching can keep you entertained for hours. Not having a car has become less of an issue. I can walk or take public transportation wherever I need to go. Walking really gives me a chance to take in my surroundings and explore the unique spots around the city.

As I move into week 6 I recognize I may not want to make the City  life permanent right now, but in this time I have learned so much about myself and glad I accepted the challenge and changes. Bring on Week 6.

On a side note, it was a holiday week. I celebrated the 4th of July in Jersey with my relatives for our family reunion. We had a so much fun time and it was great getting the chance to see them all. My cousin took some beautiful pictures!



One response to “Week 5: Half Way There!

  1. So glad you had this opportunity to grow & learn. It’s been said that outside of your comfort zone is where real growth takes place. I’m looking forward to seeing all of your pictures and more stories of your life in the Big Apple.

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