Back to the Books

Well, it is finally here – my last year of school…EVER! People tell me I may change my mind about going back to school after I finish my masters but I am pretty sure I have all the (formal) schooling I need. While I love all the opportunities my undergrad, post grad and graduate opportunities have brought, I am looking forward to being able to hang out with friends after work, weekends outside the library and oh yeah, sleep.

Of course no grad school education would be complete without a little drama and panic. I have had my share over these last 8 quarters but this one all most caused a serious breakdown. When it comes to planning out my classes I stay pretty organized – actually very organized. I register early, check availability as soon as the course catalogue is out and follow the suggested schedule the school sets for MFA students.  Since I work full time I decided to shoot for 10 credit hours per quarter instead of 15 but still take the classes in order. This time around – my last quarter before I begin my thesis – the classes I need are not available this quarter or the next quarter. After a brief meltdown I emailed my advisor who told me I could override the courses for 2 other classes in Design Management. I have a good feeling about this quarter and ready for the challenges it will bring – because once it is over it will be done with core classes and on the road to graduation!


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