Sharing Knowledge

A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.
Father James Keller

Growing up I was blessed to have a very strong and encouraging support network. Family, friends and mentors have always been there, helping me stay focused and on the right path. As I have progressed, people began reaching out to me. At first I was reluctant – I did’t feel qualified giving others advice. What if I was wrong? What were my qualifications? I felt I still had a lot of growing to do and had not really “made it”. I learned when sharing knowledge and experience it does not matter. You could be just one step ahead of some one or 10 steps – just share what you know.

Since being out in the working world, I have been asked to speak at schools, youth programs and churches to share my work. I always love speaking with kids and young adults – maybe because I never really broke out of the “kid” phase. When I speak, I avoid listing what I have achieved, but more about the goals I set for myself and the things I did to help me reach them. Sharing knowledge and being a mentor not only helps others, it can help you as well. Knowing that people are looking up to you keeps you driven and focused on setting a good example. ย In the future, I hope to establish a program that will help designers at all stages of their creative and professional journeys set goals and create a cycle of shared knowledge. I had the chance to explore this as a potential social media site for class this past quarter. You can check out the group pitches below.


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